Reliable transmission of on-site information for complex scenarios such as accidents, disasters, social group events, smuggling monitoring, live HD broadcasting, and vehicle-to-ground communications In the background, it is subject to the following bottlenecks: Slow transmission rate, poor image quality, and difficult networking.


Millimeter wave communication is one of the core technologies for 5G, it is characterized by large bandwidth, good directional sensitivity, high security and confidentiality. Ethernet millimeter wave link communication system has long effective distance, high transmission rate, strong adaptability to the environment, adaptive calibration, and easy for maintenance, it is suitable for rapid backbone network construction in the front-line environment to provide full-time, all-weather, multi-response network services, and realize real-time information sharing.


Features Transmission Far

Used frequency Segment signal propagation process Affected by atmospheric humidity, oxygen Gas impact is small, signal Low attenuation

Easy to Install

Automatically Quasi-device, easy to implement Positioning and automatic alignment

High Throughput

Integration F D D full duplex operation Made with QPSK Modem technology

High Protection

8K A Lightning protection, safety Protection class IP65

High Protection

Support Network Network level, link level, Equipment level and other multi-level protection

Easy Maintenance

Support Workers Chengshi Tower under operation and maintenance, No need to climb towers; support USB configuration deployment, Improve efficiency

Application Scenario

Emergency rescue and emergency communications

Dangerous Construction Site Safety Command

Rail transit vehicle wireless transmission

Emergency medical emergency

Border Security and Its Surveillance

Large-scale event HD video broadcast

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters Basic Parameters
Automatic calibration accuracy 0.1 degree
bandwidth 2G
Band 40.5- 43.5GHz
Transmission rate 1250Mbps (unidirectional transmission rate); can support 150 1080P HD transmission
Receiver sensitivity(BER=10^- 6) - 67dBm
Clear sky (antenna Ф300)/(rain 10mm/h) working distance >10km(6mile)/>4km(2.4mile)
Ethernet interface 1000 Base- TX
DC power supply 36- 72V