Quantum network security computer is a trusted computing intelligent terminal based on computing and protection. It is based on hardware cryptography chip, and it builds a complete chain of trust from platform power supply to application execution to ensure comprehensive internal control of internal and external network computing and prevent completely. The confidentiality and integrity of high-level network systems are destroyed.


Three-machine dual-network architecture

Comprehensive Trustworthy Computing

Double network switch

Thorough physical isolation

Software definition display

Smart Security Sharing

Application Scenario

Secure isolation across different levels of network

Separation between the government and the intranet network


Technical Parameters

Technical Indicators Basic Parameters
Safety isolation level Supports up to four levels of system
Switching control time ≤5ms
Intranet control response ≤500ms
Biometric verification Supports face recognition, fingerprint recognition
Intranet display encryption Support hardware encryption, support country secret algorithm
Safe sharing display Support software definition display