Beijing Dongcheng Emergency Recovery Solution

Beijing Dongcheng District Government Information Center is a network of information ministries and its subordinate units.  By deploying @ether AACC system at the Internet portal of Government Information Center to filter all inbound and outbound traffic from the Internet, thus preventing intrusion from the Internet and filters and audits the Internet access content of private network users. Deploying @ether AACC system at the system interface of each government unit and subordinate unit can effectively prevent unauthorized access and malicious attacks from subordinate units.

Since the deployment of the system, Dongcheng District Government Information Center has achieved permanent running, with no security incidents and network failures so far. Y&D became the first enterprise in China to solve the technical difficulties of "permanent running of government network and website system- free from being hacked and system failure".

System Description

Protection Effects

Precise Security System

Stereo closed-loop protection

Security of targeted protection

Self-training, self-learning

Rapid convergence,focusing behavior

Stereo defense

Viruses, Trojans checking

Web tampering monitoring

Sensitive content monitoring

Network threat monitoring

7×24 hours safe operation

Application management

System management

Network management

Security management

Availability 99.99%

Flow monitoring and cleaning

Fault isolation

Fault-tolerant migration

Automatic resource reuse