Yongda Quantum Firewall implements a normal business model library for request response based on big data modeling and achieves comprehensive support with quantum parallel computers. Content dialysis, accurately lock in deviation threats, and form a trace-based auditing system based on business flows.


In the face of protected network systems, request/response two-way forced access control inside and outside

In the face of a protected network system, failures to achieve known/unknown vulnerabilities fail when triggered

In the face of protected network systems, firewall computing resources are flexibly extended with inspection tasks


Application Scenario

Placed in the network boundary domain to protect the computing service domain and implement mandatory access control.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters Basic Parameters
Application layer throughput >8Gbps
Network layer throughput (64 bytes) >70% line speed
Delay <90μs
concurrent connections 5000 thousand
Number of new connections per second 160 thousand/second
Turn on comprehensive content detection Average delay <30%