Mr. Qi Jianhuai Attends the 2017 City Informatization Construction and Development Academic Forum

2017- 12- 18

Invited by Shenzhen Association of Computer Users, Mr. Qi Jianghuai, Chairman and General Manager of Y&D Electronics, attended the 2017 Urban Informatization Construction and Development Academic Forum and the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association on December 8th and made a report entitled “Current Issues in Urban Information Construction - Network Security and Big Data”.

In the report, Mr. Qi analyzed several hot issues. Such as the urgent need of security, high availability, high reliability and high performance of cyberspace in information construction. Big data brings up further demand of computing capability, and the needs has surpassed the existing serial processing capability. The current blocking and isolating ways lack capability of effective and reasonable guidance, risk transfer, self-adaptation, self-immunity and self-recovery.At the same time, Mr. Qi offered solutions for the above issues according to the asynchronous parallel computing system and dynamic intelligent security management and control technology which are achieved by Y&D with nearly 20 years of R & D and practice in the field of cyberspace security. In addition, taking the current running security engineering project as example, Mr. Qi shared several typical successful cases, providing reference examples for large-scale engineering projects for the information security of urban informatization construction, which are highly praised by participants.