"Y&D Smart Made" in the 15th China International Software and Information Services Fair


The 15th China International Software and Information Services Fair opened at 9:00, June 15, 2017 in Dalian World Expo Plaza. With the theme of "new IT, new ecology, new energy", the fair covers an area of 30,000 m2. More than 750 manufacturers from over 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and South Korea, attended the fair and conducted business negotiations.

(Picture: CISIS Entrance)

As China's only state-level software trade fair, one of the biggest highlights of the fair is innovative technology products focusing on "new IT", which include Y&D’s "mosaic quantum computing system", "trusted firecloud" and "software-defined database". Y&D’s products attracted attentions of businessmen from around the world with their advanced technology, high efficiency and high reliability.

In order to help participants have more intuitive understanding of the technical features of Y&D’s products, Y&D set up a dedicated physical display area in its exhibition booth. Y&D’s mimic quantum computing system provides a strong computing power support for the industry's large data analysis and high-performance computing applications, and trusted firecloud establishes a "controllable" in-depth defense security system for enterprises and institutions, and its the asynchronous parallel computing system and distributed storage technology of its software-defined database help enterprises to achieve PB-class storage and a strong processing power for real-time search, which left deep impression to participants in the fair.

(Picture: Booth of Y&D)

In recent years, China's IT technology is changing and developing rapidly, from which China's enterprises and institutions have gained benefits, meanwhile, their information security is facing severe challenges. Technological progress has higher requirements for China's data storage and processing. In such circumstance, Y&D has devoted a lot of manpower and material resources to R & D. Its achievements, the "Fictitious Quantum Computing System", "Trusted Fire Cloud" and "Software Definition Database" are gained under R & D for several years. The three achievements have been applied to provide services for government departments, institutions and enterprises. Their unique technical features will fully meet the partners’ needs in the aspects of information security and big data.

(Picture: Bankers consult Software Define Database Details)

Y&D has long been committed to network security and advanced computing, focusing on the areas of e-government, rail transportation and smart city. For more than ten years, Y&D has been undertaking nationwide systems engineering projects with large-scale network node control.

From the center to the terminal, from the LAN to WAN, from support to application, there are computing, communications and storage security challenges in large-scale heterogeneous heterogeneous environment. In such condition, Y&D constantly handles computing security issues in the aspects of business, network, host, end port, data, adhering to the principle of "Security depends on control". Based on virtualization, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, Y&D launches a series of intelligent security products to support cyberspace security, management and evaluation.

(Picture: Y&D Reception)