Solution Background

In order to realize full coverage, resources sharing, and cracking down on crimes in monitored port areas, Man Kam To, together with units of ports, customs, frontier defenses and commodity inspection, jointly integrates customs business, forming a strong, efficient and coordinating customs services system with Y&D smart customs solution, realizing smart customs management.

Solution Introduction

Unites relevant ports, customs, border inspection, commodity inspection and other related cooperation units to build smart video network systems and mobile phone fences to achieve stereo monitoring and early warning for the land, ocean and the air in port areas. The whole system conducts on-site centralized monitoring, control and management, maximizes the role of smart command and dispatch, integrates and shares information and resources, thus establishing an intelligent closed-loop video surveillance and alarm system that is sufficient to prevent any form of stowaway smuggling, terrorist attacks and emergency response to ensure long-term and safe operation of “smart customs”.

The system realizes dynamic monitoring of people and areas status in important periphery of the port and the office areas, including intrusion detection, face recognition, wandering target and items left-behind detection. The system enables information exchange among units and video sharing services, thus enables real-time evidence taking, reviewing, alarming and joint operations in all kinds of abnormal circumstances, reaching the goal of timely case processing.