The 1st Meeting of the 4th Board of Directors of Y&D Was Held


Y&D held its first meeting of the fourth board of directors on May 4, 2017 at 9:00 am in its Mobi conference room. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Chen Wen, Secretary of the Board of Directors. Company directors, supervisors, general managers, executives, shareholders attended the meeting.

First, Mr. Qi Jianhuai, Chairman of the company, announced the opening of the meeting. In the meeting, Mr. Qi Jianhuai, reported to the Board of Directors of the purpose of this meeting and the conditions of directors attending this meeting. The following motions were examined in the meeting:

(1)“Report of Board of Directors of Shenzhen Y&D Electronic Information Co., Ltd. in 2016”;

(2) “Report of General Managers of Shenzhen Y&D Electronic Information Co., Ltd. in 2016”;

(3) “Company's 2016 Annual Financial Statement Report and the 2017 Annual Financial Budget Report”;

(4)“2016 Annual Profit Distribution Plan”;

(5)“Proposal of Holding the 2016 Shareholders Meeting”;

(6)"Implementing the Motion of Target Capital Increase for Qi Jianhuai";

(7)"Salary Reform Program".

Finally, "2016 Resolution of Meeting of Board of Directors of Shenzhen Y&D Electronics Information Co., Ltd" were signed by board directors and read by Mr. Qi Jianhuai. After that Mr. Qi Jianhuai declared the meeting closed.

(Picture: Y&D Meeting Room)

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